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Climate goals of SES

As the largest inner-city shopping mall in Innsbruck, we demonstrate our responsibility towards people, the region and the environment – both today and on behalf of future generations. This is why for many years the SILLPARK shopping mall has been consistently committed to energy efficiency, proactive climate protection, alternative energy sources and sustainable mobility. Our mall operator, SES Spar European Shopping Centers, has set clear climate goals for this that are to be achieved by 2050 at the latest.

88% less carbon emissions

100% green energy

46% savings in energy costs

our own hydropower plant

Our own hydropower plant

With its own power plant, SILLPARK has long been a environmental trailblazer where its energy supply is concerned since it first opened in 1990. The shopping centre not only bears the name of the River Sill, but the river also supplies green energy for SILLPARK.

Energy management system certified by TÜV Austria

SES Spar European Shopping Centers implemented an energy management system for the Austrian shopping malls in compliance with EN ISO 50001:2018 back in 2019. It has now been successfully recertified by TÜV AUSTRIA. At the same time, SES has been able to expand the energy management system to cover all SES shopping malls in Slovenia and Italy and obtain TÜV AUSTRIA certification for the malls in three countries.

Mobility & Accessibility

Very good connections to local public transport, bicycle parking, a direct link to the cycle path network and modern infrastructure for electric vehicles provide an easy and environmentally friendly alternative for our customers when they come and shop with us. Up to 80% of them come to shop in our mall using public transport, on foot or by bike.

Sustainable mobility

10 EV charging points – 100% green electricity

Electromobility at SILLPARK
IKB has installed 10 EV charging points at SILLPARK, allowing customers to conveniently charge their electric vehicle using the IKB E-charging card while they do their shopping. Visitors to SILLPARK can now do their shopping or enjoy the wide range of catering on offer while simultaneously charging their vehicle.
There are 10 AC charging points available in total (up to 22 kW) on the 3rd level of the SILLPARK underground car park.

Public transport

Bus, bike or train!

Whether you come by electric car, S-Bahn or bus, by bike or on foot: SILLPARK couldn’t be easier to reach and is also connected to the regional cycle routes.

The main station is very close; the city centre is also nearby, just an 8-minute walk away. There are ideal connections to the public transport network with a dedicated bus and tram stop for the mall – one of the largest and most-frequented stops in the city.

SILLPARK can be reached by car in just a few minutes from the motorway junction Innsbruck Ost and Innsbruck Mitte. In addition, there is a direct link to the urban cycle network.


Arriving & Parking
730 parking spaces in our modern underground car park & optimal connection to public transport.
Arriving & parking
Bicycle self service
At the forecourt of SILLPARK you will find a bicycle self-service terminal for repairing, inflating tyres and for small service work
E-charging stations
The e-charging stations at SILLPARK are located on the 3rd basement level of the underground car park. There are several charging stations for electric cars. E-bikes can be conveniently charged at the forecourt.
Hydroelectric power station
Since its opening, SILLPARK has had its own hydroelectric power station on the Sill and is thus an ecological pioneer.
You will find a taxi stand on the SILLPARK forecourt. Taxis are plentifully available around the clock.
Bicycle parking
You will find numerous bicycle parking spaces around the building.
City bikes station
SILLPARK’s city bike station is located at the forecourt. There are several city bikes, as well as cargo bikes to borrow.
Free parking
The first 90min in our modern underground car park are free of charge for our visitors.
Parking facilities for people with disabilities
SILLPARK offers several parking facilities for people with disabilities.
Barrier-free access
All public areas at SILLPARK have barrier-free access.
Digital timetable
The digital timetable information for bus & train with real-time display of the departure time at SILLPARK is located on the ground floor.
There are several escalators at SILLPARK
Public transport
SILLPARK is accessible by bus, train and tram. The main railway station is a 5-minute walk away, and bus and tram stations are right outside the door.
Wheelchair hire
You will find our free wheelchair hire service at the Visitor Service on the 1st floor of SILLPARK.

Energy management – planned systematically

Since 2019, SILLPARK has operated in compliance with an ISO-certified energy management system that was granted renewed certification by TÜV AUSTRIA in 2022. This means that we continuously analyse our energy consumption and implement measures to save energy and improve energy efficiency.

Free cooling & cheap air

Water tank for cooling

Cooling requirements are met using the cold water tank on the roof. When needed, the night air is used to cool the shopping mall outside opening hours (free cooling). All ventilation systems include technical equipment for heat recovery.

Actions speak louder than words! One practical example of climate-friendly operation is controlled ventilation that adapts to the number of visitors in the mall. It was developed by SES and adjusts air quality in the mall perfectly to actual requirements, achieving annual savings of around 2.9 million kilowatt hours of electricity.

LED lighting

Energy-saving lighting

Retrofitting saves electricity and money. Saving energy means protecting the climate. At Centername, this has long included specific measures such as successively retrofitting all the lighting on the façades and the interior with energy-saving LED technology.

Clean energy

Climate protection is a top priority for us. That’s why we set store by renewables. As every SES shopping mall is the only one of its kind, it can be designed to take individual local conditions into account to the greatest possible extent. The SILLPARK shopping centre produces its own renewable energy from water power. This allows it to meet almost 50% of its own requirements for electricity; the remainder is fed into the national grid. 100% of the electricity SILLPARK purchases is green electricity.

People and society

Helping where there’s a need. We assume social responsibility, whether through long-term cooperation with clubs and associations in the region, through unforgettable events or various charity campaigns.


Certified energy management according to ISO 50.001
Excellent in operation and building performance

Our corporate sustainability culture at SES

What we do for people

Our staff are our most important success factor. We create jobs in the region and are a platform for local retailers. As a neighbourhood shopping centre, we provide people in the region with the main products and services needed every day.

What we do for the environment

Economical, eco-friendly and social – when it comes to the environment and society, the mall’s operating company SES Spar European Shopping Centers thinks ahead and is pursuing an explicit energy policy.